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Upcoming Events

In case you're wondering where to find me:

2/21 - Dragonship Haven Investiture
3/28 - Mudthaw (Nope. Can't deal.)
4/4 - Carolingia Investiture
5/22-25 - Panteria XX

That's, like, an event every month! Definitely need new clothes.


Hi LJ, itsa me.
It suddenly hit me the other day that I have more SCA events coming up than I'm really prepared for.
I should sew some things.
I also need to start thinking about Divestiture clothing. That is exciting. I have some Thoughts.
I also want to make sure I have some warmer stuff in case it's a cold Panteria again. My good black wool dress doesn't fit me anymore, which is a bummer. I may just make a new one.
I want to make something "fun" like one of those parti-colored 14th c. gowns that has bias-cut plaid on one side. Anyone seen any interpretations of that?
I also sort of want to do a "nice" 14th c. gown in figured silk or something. Alas, I'm broke and should just chip away at my fabric stash anyway.
Anyway, those are some thoughts.

[Gaming & LARP] The Newcomers

Something I'm thinking about this morning, because I don't wanna do homework, is how to introduce a LARP character into a new game. I've only had to live through this once, at Shadows of Amun, but it was pretty awkward. I feel like there should be something more than just "Your character shows up. Go!"
A few weeks ago I NPC'd Witchwood, and the only thing I actually got to do was be a menace to the new PCs who were coming in. A NPC hook led a small group of the newcomers past where we were lurking and we got to jump out and be all threatening, and then followed them back to the town, where the established PCs proceeded to kick the snot out of us. I could hear the Hook talking to the new PCs as they came in, and explaining some general town/world background, dropping a few other PC/NPC names, and answering some basic In Character questions. I thought it was pretty cool, as far as introductions went.
It made me think about introducing my New Shadows of Amun PC at Game 6, and what would make a good "Start." I'm resolved to not bother Staff about it until after they're done with Game 4, but figured I could collect data and ideas. ;)

Have any of you seen new PCs incorporated into a game in a way that you thought was cool, or interesting, or even terrible? All stories welcome!


Gaming & LARP filter

I'm making one, in the hopes that if I have it, I'll use it.

Please post a comment if you would like to be on it.

Costuming: 14th c. Italian Thoughts

I admit that since switching personae, I've been kind of "coasting" as far as clothing goes. I've been wearing lace-front fitted dresses, and hoods, and the Standard SCAdian 14th Century accouterments. So it's not really wrong, per se, but it's not Imigla's Clothing yet.

So now I'm thinking what to do next to really create the right wardrobe. Since I have the luxury of creating it at a leisurely pace (I'm happy with the way my clothes look, I just want them to be better) I figure I can do it as right as possible, from the outside in.

So here's some preliminary thoughts, and my related Pinterest board is here if you want to play along:

* Silhouette - A very flat-chested silhouette seems to dominate Italian art of the Late Trecento, with the exception of the Menabuoi frescoes. Dunno what's up with that, but maybe he just liked boobs.

* Neckline - Almost exclusively squared, with a relatively high front and not a lot of cleavage, up to at least 1375. Rounded and lower by 1390.

* Fastening - Almost no lacing visible. Buttons on lower sleeves in some images.

* Decoration - Some interesting options. Some dresses seem almost color-blocked in interesting ways. A lot of necklines have some type of decoration. At least one dress with a wide guard around the hem. Parti-coloring.

* Heads - Hair largely braided or twisted around the crown of the head. Sometimes taped. Not a lot of veils. One woman wearing what looks like a liripipe hood flat on her head in the St. Ursula & Friends image. Two images of women wearing hoods with elbow-length mantles. A few images of women with what Eleanor le Brun suggests is an apron tied around her head.

First Steps:

- Make two different foundation undergarments: One based on the Menabuoi painting where it looks like the woman just has a sash under her breasts, and another "Bohemian Bath Babe" type based on a flat-front "La Cotte Simple" drape. See how they work.

- Learn to Dutch braid. I think I can do the hairstyles even with my hair being pretty short, but it may take practice.

After that...I don't know. I need to ponder the most likely patterning for dresses. I like the patterning suggested at The Medieval Tailor, as it would allow you to do fitting at the side-front and side-back gores as well as the sides while allowing for a seamless center front. And then...side lacing seems like it might be the thing for more fitted dresses.

What do you all think?


Considering all the period cooking I've been trying to do lately, this event was a no-brainer for me.
But...I had two very critical things I wanted to try:
1) Not packing in any overtly modern kitchen/food items (with the exception of my Coleman stove & cookware)
2) Not take a cooler

I came up with a meal plan that seemed pretty doable given these considerations. And I have to say, considering what wound up happening, it didn't actually go too far off the rails...
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GNEW Food Recap

I know, it's been a while. I'm still missing a few pictures that I think other people took after my phone died, but hopefully this will give some flavor of what it was like.
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Step One

Research all the cheeses!

Currently trying to compile a list of cheeses appropriate for medieval recreation that are readily available for purchase*. Currently thinking of breaking them down as Soft vs. Hard, and then chronological order, with country of origin annotated.

Or do you think I should go straight chronological? I just know that I, personally, want a hard cheese when I want a hard cheese.

Next up: Aged sausages.

* Yes, I know some people out there are doing awesome things with cheese making. That is not the point of this research. The point of this research is to get Joe Average SCAdian eating more period cheeses with little to no effort.

Wish List

Period kitchen things. Cooking pots, mixing and serving bowls, etc.
Find out what they kept olive oil and vinegar in. Get some of those. Earthenware bottles?
A wax tablet booklet thing.
A new wool dress.
A black wool hood with black silk laurel leaves appliqued around the edge.
A fly or shade of some sort that would actually fit in the Fiat.

Post-Pennsic Thoughts

I went to Pennsic for a short while (Thursday-Tuesday) and had a pretty good time.
Looking at stuff and talking to people made me really think hard about what I'd like to be doing in the next year. Yes, I've sort of been resting on my laurels a bit (har) with the perfectly decent excuse of being in school. But I'll be graduating in May, and although job stuff is up in the air, I'm thinking about where I want to go in the SCA.

I think I'm ready to start teaching classes again. I did get pretty burnt out on it after so many years teaching at Pennsic and smaller events. I don't really have anything I can pull from my head fully formed, but here are a few ideas of things I would like to research more, and structure into classes:
Upping Your Game: Little things the average SCAdian to ease themselves into the idea of persona play without going the full whole forsooth hog. Touch on language, food, daily ritual, hobbies.
Medieval Food for Camping Weekends: Not a cooking class per se, but rather ideas, tips, and tricks for trying to eat as your persona would for a weekend. Intended for the average cook who can follow a recipe, but maybe hasn't delved much into medieval cooking. Overview of readily available recipe resources and things you can buy ready-to-go at the store.
To Feed An Army: A deeper look at what would have been eaten by soldiers and those engaged in military campaigns. Goal is to draw ideas from this to feed a large military household in the SCA with no or limited coolers.

I'm absolutely cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs over doing medieval food at events. I'm slowly pulling together a repertoire of recipes I can lean on, and am improving my kitchen 'kit' little by little. My goal is to, at some point next Summer, do an entire weekend of medieval food cooked over a fire without access to a cooler. I think I have a pretty good plan sketched out in my head of how this can happen, and may do certain aspects of it sooner rather than later. Harper's Retreat may wind up cooler-free, but I'll still need to use a camp stove, sadly.

In other news, we got the bid for Fall Crown, so I'll be co-autocratting my first event. I have a bunch of stuff I'd like to do before then, like new clothes and such, but I'm a little afraid that school is going to start kicking my ass right away. Here's hoping it holds off a bit. Meanwhile, I have most of August free, thanks to the wacky Pennsic scheduling.

GNEW food review and pics coming later.

GNEW maybe, but not NRWC

Having decided to not go to NRWC, I'm hopefully shifting my Period Food Weekend to GNEW.
I've also altered the menu slightly.
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NRWC 2013 Period Food Planning!

I had such a good time with this last year, I'm going to do it again. The menu is pretty similar, partially because so much of what I made was SO GOOD, and I know I can do it without screwing it up. Stuff in Italics are placeholders. I'd like to find something different for those slots, but will fall back on the known quantities if need be.

Breakfast (2 times early)
Sausage (Saturday)
Leftover Brawn / Tart (Sunday)
GF Bread
GF Beer

Dinner (2 times 2 or 3 in the afternoon)
Salat dressed with vinegar and oil (Both days)
(Friday) Peas
(Friday) Sprouts trying to find something more seasonal
(Friday) Congur in Sawse or some other fish dish
(Friday) Perys en Composte
(Saturday) Leeks & Bacon / Tredura
(Saturday) Buttered wortes
(Saturday) Tart in Ymbre Day
(Saturday) Brawn en Peverade (pork in sauce) recipe 76 in Pleyn Delit
(Saturday) Imperial Fritters
Dried fruits & spices to close (Both days)

Supper (2 times after dusk)
(Friday) Split Pea Soup with Leeks, Carrots, Parsnips
(Saturday) Green Poree (p. 69 of Medieval Kitchen) or Thick Leek Soup
GF Bread

Name Change

The vairavi to baronessv username transition is in effect.

Token has been paid for and processed. I'll leave my userpic as-is for a few days to help deconfuse people.


I really need to bite the bullet and buy a $15 name change token. "baronessv" seems to be available, so I will probably go for that.

I've had this LJ for over 10 years now. That's freaky. I'm pretty sure I had to change my name once before (Ah, the old Bhairavi to Vairavi transition) but something about this is going to be extra weird, like I'm really locking up the old shop somehow.
Tell me something going on with you.

Dead Fall

Looks like it's going to be a slow couple of months as far as me getting to events goes. A last minute schedule shift at school means I have an 8:15 am, 3-hour Precalculus class on Saturday mornings. Fall Crown was, I admit, the only thing I was really looking forward to, but I'm pretty unhappy about it.

On the upside, there's only one event in the next 3 months I have to do any planning for: A Day in the Caliph’s Court

Need to make:
Gold pirihan
Long red coat

Need to figure out:
Better headwear

Harper's Retreat Planning

I'm planning to do another All-Medieval food weekend for Harper's Retreat. This time I have a COHORT, which is very exciting. And it's a long weekend, so we have lots of planning to do.

Current plan:
Friday Dinner - Salat, Tart in Ymbre Day, Chickpea Soup, bread, wine, Candied Nuts.
Friday Supper - Green Poree, bread.
Saturday Breakfast - Bread, beer, cheese, sausage.
Saturday Dinner - Salat, Tredura, Sprouts of life/health, Roast Pork, cheese, bread, wine, dessert (?)
Saturday Supper is called on account of we've been invited to feast. Which, after a dinner like that, I'm not sure we'll be able to eat.
Sunday Breakfast - Bread, beer, cheese, potted hare.
Sunday Dinner - Salat, Boiled Beef, Buttered Wortes, Unknown Veggie/side, cheese, bread, beer, wine, Magnificent Imperial Fritters.
Monday Breakfast - Bread, beer, cheese, leftovers.

A decent number of the dishes are from Libro di cucina / Libro per cuoco, with exceptions for a desire to eat some vegetables. Just about every exception came from Medieval Kitchen: Recipes from France and Italy, so they are at least somewhat regionally sensible for Maestra Venture. I didn't bother truly redacting most of the Libro di cucina recipes (and even ignored some of the redactions in Medieval Kitchen) and just followed the instructions as given.

I just tested the Magnificent Imperial Fritters and HOLY SMOKES. They are so yummy. I don't know why I haven't made these before. David concurs, through a mouthful of fritter and crystal sugar. They remind me a lot of the fried chhena (fresh Indian cheese) I made a few years back. I bet they'd be AWESOME if I made the cheese as well, but I just used fresh mozzarella and they were plenty nommy.

The boiled beef is simmering away now, and I need to remember that I chopped the shallots (about 8 of them of various sizes) and added them right in the beginning, and added a few shakes of cinnamon and a few healthy twists of pepper. As per usual I'll wait until the end to add salt, but right now it smells AMAZING. I've found often lately that the best boiled/potted beef recipes I come up with are the ones with the least dicking around.

Jul. 10th, 2012

Did I mention I'm taking a pottery class? We're on the 4th session and I am finally feeling good about it. I feel like I'm lagging behind the other students, but I told myself that I don't HAVE to make more than one thing each class.
Tonight I threw a money box based off a 14th c. example. It turned out exactly as I wanted, & I'm so pleased. Pics next week.

Posted via m.livejournal.com.


I went. I did not have a great time. I learned some lessons about what I need and what I want out of an event and what I need to do to make those things happen.

Travel with lbitw was the best part by far.

I am very happy at how well my food turned out, so here are a few pictures.
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